Terms & Conditions

Sweden Demo Day will be taking photographs and/or filming during this meeting/event.

The images can be used to provide information about our operation and to improve the conditions for dialogue, cooperation and learning in our operation. We do not use the images for anything else and only as long as these are relevant for our operation.

Sweden Demo Day may use the images in the channels we use for our communication, for example our website and Facebook.

Your image might be stored by a company from whom we purchase communication services. Otherwise we do not share images of you with anyone.

The legal basis for taking photographs/filming is paragraph 6 of the Government Regulation and paragraph 1 of the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth regulation.

We will not be taking close-ups - photos where your face is clearly shown - of you without your approval. But if you do not want to risk ending up in an image at all, please contact one of those responsible for the meeting/event and we will find a solution.

The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth will assess your information in cooperation with representatives from our partners. We only use personal data for the purpose for which we collect it and only for as long as it is necessary for the purpose.

For more information about how we process personal data can be found here.