Location: Demo Stage

99 problems but the pitch ain't one - join the fun on our Pitch Stage!

99 Pitches, 1 Stage, 1 Minute and thousands of people only listening to you!

How to become the pitch hero!

99 problems but the pitch ain’t one for those startups that get the chance to pitch in front of a high-profile jury consisting of national and international investors, corporates and essential ecosystem players. But that’s not it, one of them will be the winner and who knows the prize could solve one of the 99 problems a startup has!

So get prepared to deliver a killer pitch like 2019 winner Ebbel that helps you effortlessly optimise your everyday choices of products and services.

Good pitches tell a story, but please leave the buzz words at home!

Pitch Guidelines

  • Duration: 1 minute in English
  • Number of Words: 150 to 225
  • Energy Level: Be passionate!
  • Call to Action: A great pitch without any call to action is useless. Make use of all the great people in the room. May it be asking for funding, talent or partnerships.
  • Presentation: Sweden Demo Day will prepare a slide for each startup with logo and contact information to each startup.

Content of your Pitch

  • The problem you are solving: focus on the most important
  • Your solution (USP)
  • The team: why is your team the best
  • Traction: what you have accomplished so far
  • Current Business Model: how do you make money
  • Vision: what do you want your company to be in the future
  • And don't forget your call to action!

The content does not have to be delivered in a specific order, choose what will leave a big impression on the jury and the crowd and feel free to add or remove parts of the content suggested. Most important, let the audience know why and how you are running a winning business.

Key to a killer pitch: practice, practice, practice!