Location: Exhibition Area

The place where you can stick out and create new connections

Rumor has it that Niklas Zennström took a stroll through the brown paper expo in 2019.

Fingers crossed he comes back in 2020!

How to nail your brown paper pitch!

This year, we will not only allow startups to exhibit in the brown paper expo but also other ecosystem players and companies relevant for startups.

But most important, how to nail your brown paper pitch!

Well, in any case, you're going to practice it on April 2nd, together with 600 other exhibitors. It is going to be PACKED, so be on time, pitch and shine!

Keep in mind that thousands of people will be attending Sweden Demo Day - anyone could be your next investor, partner or employee that stops by your brown paper booth.

Rules of engagement


Doors open for brown paper exhibitors.


Get to work on your brown paper. Bring your creativity and imagination, not your roll up!

There will be absolutely no service whatsoever, no extension cords, no tables, no nothing except pens, tape and scissors. If you don't bring whatever is needed to stick out, chances are you're going without, but remember, there is no limit to creativity!

Information & recommendation

  • Your brown paper is 1m wide x 2 m high
  • Prepare material in advance that you can stick to your brown paper booth
  • Add info like looking for talent, funding or partners
  • Write your company name clear on the pre-posted sticker on your brown paper
  • Everyone attending will be able to vote for "Best in Show" using menti code on your pre-posted sticker
  • The brown paper with the most votes wins the prize "Best in Show"

No matter if you are at the idea stage or a startup looking for Series B funding,

this buzzing place is for any startup entrepreneur!