Time: 10.00 - 17.00

Location: Deal Room

That's where big decisions are made -

not only about money but also about partnerships.

In 2019 more than 1250 meetings were facilitated in only 3 hours.

Let us double this number in 2020!

How to get real deals!

Sweden Demo Day is all about networking and business. Thus, we will provide the space and platform to make the most out of this un-conference!

Deal Room is the place where big decisions are made - not only about money but also about partnerships. Only Startups, Investors and Corporates get access to this black hole called Deal Room to make some real deals.

And as you might have heard, cash is not king anymore in Sweden, but money is still a vital part of accelerating a startup. So let's go and scale your business!

Deal Room Facts

4816 meeting requests where send out for Sweden Demo Day 2019! It was impossible to confirm them all in a 3 hours session. So this year we extend the time to hopefully make them all possible.

90% of the meetings were between startups and investors. Shout out to all corporates wanting to meet with startups, come and join the matchmaking in Deal Room.

We could name tons of reasons why you need to join

the matchmaking, but let's narrow it down to top 3:

Only the sky is the limit

Don’t limit yourself and your opportunities, meet people from around the world. It will take you to the next level of business growth. Only you can make the most out of it.

Time is valuable, max it out

Between 12.30 and 16.45 o'clock you can meet with 21 different people 1-on-1 in Deal Room. When will you ever get the chance to spend your time that wisely in just one afternoon!?

Network your way to success

In 2019 most people got on average 10 relevant contacts for their business at Sweden Demo Day. As we are extending the time for Deal Room, there is room for more.

2 Weeks before Sweden Demo Day, we will on-board all Startups, Investors and Corporates to our matchmaking platform. You will be able to send requests, confirm meetings, chat before your sessions and build a schedule for Deal Room.