The biggest networking opportunity ever for everyone

wanting to get into the startup ecosystem!

Brown Paper Expo

This is the closest you can get to the startups attending Sweden Demo Day. Support them in finding their brown paper booth, getting pens, scissors and tape to design their booth or simply help them finding their way around.

You will be playing one of the most important roles here. And don’t forget to get new contacts and build a network. Opportunities are everywhere!

Deal Room

Here is where startups, investors and corporates meet for business in 1-on-1 meetings. Make sure they find their meeting table but also leave on time and make space for the next one.

It’s a crazy buzzing place and you will play a major role in making it run smooth.

99 Pitches

Assist the moderator on stage and make sure startups are lined up for the pitch and ready to rock the stage, as they only have 1 minute to shine.

This is one of the most fast paced jobs to do at Sweden Demo Day. So if you like action and this is the right place for you.

Talent Scouting

This might be a great way for yourself to scout for your next job at one of the hottest startups in Sweden, but of course to also help them set up their table and guide other talents to find the right startup.

This show can't be run without YOU - the agent of change!